when sleep becomes draining

i had a nightmare last night. that i wasn’t functioning for a long period of time. that i couldn’t deliver what i promised. that they had to get someone else to do things for me. and that made me feel really horrible.

in the dream, i was waking up and checking my phone. and that’s when i got the messages. that they waited 3 months for me, but in the end got someone else to do it for me in 3 days.

i felt horrible. i felt motionless. i felt very useless.



Been having horrible dreams and consistently waking up to headaches. Dont matter how long ive been asleep or what time i wake up, the headache is always there. Like it’s been waiting for me. There for me when I wake up. Lel. It’s always worse in the morning.

I can’t be bothered to go to the doctor cos tbh I’m kinda low on budget at the moment and I dont really wanna have to explain myself to the doctor. I dunno. Kinda feels like too much stimulation at the moment.

I think the headaches I’ve been getting are mostly tension headaches (the ones I wake up to) and anxiety headaches (the ones that creep in to me randomly in the day). I prolly know how to explain what and to which doctor. But I dunno.. feels like a huge hassle to be going to the clinic and all.

Maybe it would be a lil more appealing if I don’t have to go alone or if someone even bothers. It would make things easier, tho I can’t say that having a person caring like that is necessary since I’ve survived life without one thus far.

I dunno what to do with the things going on that I don’t understand. The things in my head. In my mind. In my brain.

I don’t feel very well about my mind. I guess I can only do whatever I can. However that makes sense